Because hunger doesn't take the weekend off

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Food Donations

Meals 'til Monday also accepts donations of food items. If you are interested in donating food items or holding a food drive to benefit MTM, please contact us ( to determine the items currently needed. It is at the discretion of MTM to determine what donated items will be placed into the sacks for the recipient children. Any items received that are not able to be utilized by MTM will be donated to a more appropriate organization to help meet their need

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Meals 'til Monday is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides kid-friendly weekend meals for local elementary children whose primary source of food is the school cafeteria. Staffed by volunteers and funded by donations, Meals 'til Monday packs sacks of food on Mondays to be delivered and distributed to students on Fridays. Currently, Meals 'til Monday is providing sacks of weekend food for 429 local elementary students from Elida Elementary, Perry Elementary, Bath Elementary, Franklin Elementary in Delphos, Allen East Elementary, Cridersville Elementary, Spencerville Elementary, Elmwood Primary, Maplewood Intermediate, and Heir Force Community School.

Meals 'til Monday works with a school contact in each of the partner schools. MTM does not know the names or any identifying information about the recipient students, only a total number of weekend sacks needed as provided by that school contact. This school contact, while an employee of that school district, has taken on an extra role as an MTM volunteer and partner to go above and beyond their job description to accomplish several steps before a sack of food makes its way into a backpack. MTM values their time and availability and recognizes that without them, this organization has zero connection to the students.

Contrary to what many people think, all students who receive free or reduced lunch are not automatically MTM recipient students or in need of additional food over the weekend. MTM asks partner schools to select elementary students who depend on the school cafeteria for their breakfast and lunch as their main source of nutrition. These are students that are food insecure. They may not know if there will be supper at home, enough food over the weekend, or if the nutritional value of what will be at home will meet their needs. While there are different levels of food insecurity, MTM seeks to provide for those students where their food insecurity is a distraction to their school participation, overall health, and ability to focus on being a kid instead of being hungry. MTM seeks to level the playing field and remove this barrier, hopefully providing those students with a chance to do their best.

The Routine

During the school year, Meals 'til Monday's weekly routine includes several volunteers from each partner school district working together to achieve the end goal of getting food into the backpacks of local kids dealing with food insecurity. Step by step, here is how it works:

Step 1: A team of volunteers gathers each Monday to pack a plastic grocery sack with two breakfasts, two lunches, two suppers, and three snacks that will consist of shelf-stable food in easy to open packaging. Sacks might include, but are not limited to, individual serving sizes of cereal, granola bars, pasta, and soup. Sacks are divided and placed into bins by school district. The schools are responsible for determining students in need and obtaining parental consent. The school districts receive different numbers of sacks depending on their need and according to the number they submit to Meals 'til Monday.

Step 2: On Monday, community members from each of the partner school districts pick up the bins filled with sacks designated for their school and deliver them to that school.

Step 3: On Fridays, each school discreetly distributes the sacks of food to the students. The schools develop their own distribution system, and each does it a little bit differently.

Step 4: The students take home their food and hopefully have enough to get them through 'til Monday.